PTFA Chair Fran McCaul, Parent Governor
Academy Contact Alison Gorman -

Our purpose

  • Enhancing pupil experience 
  • Working with the community
  • Improving parent engagement

Every parent and carer with a child at the school is invited to be an active member of the PFTA, as are all the teachers.

What will the PTFA do? 

The main aim of PTFA events is to make a valuable contribution to the social life of the school community by providing children, parents, carers and teachers with the opportunity to have fun together while raising money for the school.  

The PTA organises a number of events and activities throughout the school year, ranging from the Christmas fair to the Easter Bingo, to smaller, regular events.  

The PTA will hold two meetings a term in order to plan the year's events and to discuss how best to spend the money raised. All parents, carers and teachers are invited to attend.  

PTFA Welcome to Hope Academy

What is the PTFA money used for?

The money raised by the PTFA is used to provide things that our children would not otherwise have at school.  

The PTFA is always looking for new members, new ideas and new helpers. 

If you would like to get involved in planning PTFA events and making decisions about spending the money the PTFA raises you can do so by joining the PTFA committee, or simply by attending the committee meetings. Everyone is welcome at the PTFA committee meetings. You do not have to attend every meeting to make a difference.  

If you cannot attend the PTFA committee meetings but would like to receive a copy of the minutes by email, please contact

If you are not able to attend the PTFA meetings, you can still get involved. The PTFA committee needs the help and support of as many parents as possible at the events they organise. The more helpers the PTFA has, the more money we can raise for our children and the school. 

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