COVID-19 Blended/Remote Learning Arrangements

Blended/Remote Learning Plan

Within Section 5 of 'Guidance for Full Opening of Schools', the DFE sets out its expectations for a school’s remote learning offer should a class, group or small number of students need to self-isolate, or if there is a local lockdown.

Plan for Tiered Restrictions

Parent Factsheet (face coverings)

Poster (Correct removal of face coverings)

The academy's blended/remote learning plan and face to face TEAMs meet schedule for each year group can be accessed below:

Blended Learning Guidance

Students and Parents

Blended Learning Guidance


Year 7 Year 8
Year 9 Year 10
Year 11  


September re-opening Information

Year 7 Information Year 8 Information
Year 9 Information Year 10 Information
Year 11 Information Sixth Form
Risk Assessment

September re-opening Plan

COVID-19: Useful Parent Guide September 2020 St Helens Council: Back to school advice
  • 28/11/2020 This is what sport is all about!👏🏻👏🏻 Read more
  • 28/11/2020 Congratulations 👏👏 Read more
  • 27/11/2020 Fantastic fractions work this week from James S and Kyle M in 22AP. Excellent methods shown from both students which will make clear and concise revision notes for future assessments. Read more
  • 27/11/2020 Another busy RAS with . Last one before the biology mock next week. Think I’m going to need a bigger room for next week session to get everyone in, in a covid safe way! Watch this space!