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Posted on: 13/03/2020

Head of School Blog - Week 24

Year group celebration lunches have taken place every day this week.  Two students from each form were invited to lunch with their Head of Year – students are nominated for embracing our Academy values of respect, courage and ambition.  The celebrations take place each half term.  Well done to all students involved. On Tuesday we hosted the latest in our series of ‘Journey of Hope’ presentations on the topic of revision strategies.  Thank you to Miss McCulley for preparing such an informative evening. Six Primary schools visited the academy on Wednesday to take part in a basketball competition organised by St Helens School Games.  The organisation aims to encourage children and young people to take an active role in sport through varied competitive and leadership choices. Well done to all the children who took part and a special thank you to our year 8 and 9 sports leaders for refereeing and scoring the competition.  Newton Primary School were the overall winners with St Mary’s coming in 2nd and St Julie’s placed 3rd. On Thursday a group students took part in ‘Maths Feast’ which is a fun educational challenge for Year 10 students. The group were tested on their problem-solving and teamwork skills. There were several rounds which required different skills and strategies to succeed. Each event took between two and three hours, and awards were given for good teamwork and for the winning team of each round. Our first team of Ben, Sam, Alicja and Alexandra won the second round and came 9th overall out of 18 teams.  Our second team of Niamh, Maria, Tia and Georgia won the 1st round, came 4th in the 3rd round and were placed 4th in the overall competition. Thank you to Miss Brophy who supported the students during the day and said ‘The students were all fantastic and represented the academy with pride.  There was some tough competition and some really tricky maths involved but we all had a great time.’  For our second week of Lent, our #LiveLent campaign focus has been on water. Some of the challenges for pupils this week have involved researching how much water it takes to make our clothes, reducing water waste by only letting taps run when necessary, and taking shorter showers. If you would like to join in with the challenge, do so by clicking here. This week has also been Science week, and Y10 pupils have created and led Year Group Collective Worship throughout the week. Students have explored how Science has changed the world by focusing on inventions like computers, aeroplanes and lightbulbs. Finally, you will already have heard the recent announcements from the Government about new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. We will need your active and urgent engagement to implement this.  Any student with a new, continuous, cough or high temperature must self-isolate for seven days. Please keep your child away from school if they exhibit these symptoms. We have made arrangements in the registers to record such an absence so we can monitor the seven day absence period. If your child is in this position you should report their absence in the usual way, making clear the reason for that absence. If we feel that a student we are teaching is exhibiting these symptoms we will isolate them in school and contact you to collect them immediately. I am confident we can work together to implement this new measure and further our overall aim of ensuring that as many of the school community remain as well as they can be for as long as possible. With regards to future planned visits, we are currently in touch with the organisations and insurance companies of all planned overseas trips. We will of course update relevant students and parents when we have further information.  Please click HERE for the latest Government advice which we are following. A prayer of Faith and Action: Lord, help me Be prepared, but not anxious Be aware, but not desperate Be vigilant, but not in fear Be joyful, but not clueless Be faithful, but not careless Lord, be my hope and strength Amen.  Regards, Mrs Adams Important diary dates – Events in BOLD postponed Monday 16th March Year 12 Mock Examinations   Dance Showcase 6.00pm Tuesday 17th March Year 10 HA Trip to Carmel College/Liverpool University Friday 20th – 22nd March Year 7/8 Netball Tour Tuesday 24th March Year 11 Drama Practical Examination 10.00-1.00pm Wednesday 25th March Year 10 Parents Evening 3.00-6.00pm Wednesday 1st – 3rd April Year 10 Rock and River Trip Wednesday 1st April Year 11 Preparing to Perform Event 2 6.00pm Thursday 2nd April Friends of Hope Academy Easter Bingo 6.00pm      
Posted on: 6/03/2020

Head of School blog - week 23

Since returning from the half-term break we have been busily working with our year 11 students helping them to prepare for their final mock exams before the summer GCSE’s commence.  Their final mock exams commence on Monday 9th March – click here to access the timetable. Students have also received details of support material that has been placed on our website for them to access.  Click here to access the password protected pages; the password has been shared with students and sent to you via text.  Other subject resources have also been added. Click here to access. This week we have launched our Knowledge Organisers with students in years 7 and 8.  A Knowledge Organiser is a set of key facts, concepts, events or knowledge that students need to know, be able to recall, in order to master a particular unit of work or specific topic.  We have introduced this initiative to develop student’s skills of understanding, analysis, application and evaluation which will strengthen their resilience and independent learning skills. A typical knowledge organiser fits onto one page which helps students to visualise the layout of the page which, in turn, helps them to memorise the information more effectively.  Students will receive a new Knowledge Organiser Booklet at the beginning of every half-term, these should remain in the folder that has been provided.  They need to bring their knowledge organisers into school each day. Knowledge organisers will be used as homework for every subject in years 7 and 8 from next week.  Click here for further information. Whilst teachers and students were enjoying their half-term holidays, our premises team were working hard in the wind and rain to extend our secure bike shed.  This work was completed in time for the start of the new term and I would like to remind ALL students who travel to school by bike that they must use the secure bike shed located on the Academy site and not the bike shed opposite the Sports Centre entrance. Monday saw the launch of updated extra-curricular clubs including PE activities.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to try something new or continue to take part in activities they love.  Friends of Hope Academy have supported our extra-curricular clubs this academic year with a donation of £250 to help purchase resources.  Please remember when you support Friends of Hope Academy events you are helping to enrich the lives of students in our school community. Hope Academy has achieved National Online Safety School certification!  Massive thank you to Mr Bailey, Head of Computing for leading this initiative and supporting school staff, students and parents to keep safe on-line.  Following the success of the Perfect 30 challenge when 207 students achieved zero lates and behaviour points plus 100% attendance, we have decided to launch the Race to Easter challenge!  The challenge will start on Monday 9th March until Friday 3rd April.  Students will compete to finish in one of three medal positions.  All students that complete the challenge will be rewarded.  Let the challenge commence!! At the Academy, we continually review our processes to make sure that we are ‘Outstanding in all we do’.  With this in mind we have been sharing expectations with students this week with regards to punctuality to lessons and efficient lesson starts.  All students are expected to enter the classroom in silence with each lesson starting with a 5 minute independent task.  At the end of lessons students will stand behind their chairs in silence and wait to be dismissed by their teacher.  We have also reviewed the entry doors allocated to each year group which will be effective from Monday 9th March.  The Academy operate a keep left movement system in all areas which will be actively enforced to ensure that students and staff can move around the corridors in an orderly manner. This week has also been National Careers Week, and year groups have discovered ways to help choose the best career for them, but also to realise that while we always talk about planning for the future, we have to remember the here and now and remember ‘today’. It is ok to not know what you want to do right now, but it is important to grow, ask questions and try new things. To support National Careers Week we have had some wonderful activities happening around the Academy.  Miss Davies, Career Lead, supplied the following summary: We launched National Careers Week with our 3rd Careers in the Curriculum Day on Monday. This involves all lessons led by all subject teachers having an explicit careers link within them. The English Department did some fantastic work linking to careers involving supporting children as part of the Year 7 ‘Childhood and home’ Scheme of work. Year 8 focused on careers in TV and media, identifying job roles, skills, personality traits and qualifications and Year 9 researched careers such as a Reporter or a Broadcast Journalist, linking to how poets use their work to engage with critical issues around the world. Well done English Department! The Maths Department linked maths skills to the real world and identified specific jobs with students, they used real life problem solving activity with elements of competition and even a Lamborghini scaling problem to engage students in careers in Maths! In Computer Science we looked at technical and transferrable skills and what computational thinkers look like! We also investigated some popular job roles within the computing industry to see what they do and what they earn! There was lots of fantastic Careers based work going on across the Academy! Year groups have had Careers assemblies this week, identifying how sometimes it can be stressful trying to plan and think so far ahead and reminding students about what they can do to prepare them for the future in the here and now. We will be making our own video about how our students think about their careers, their worries, questions and confusion! Watch this space! The careers hub has been open at break time all week for students to drop in and get some careers advice or just to have a nosey at the prospectuses. In the Learning Hub, students have been thinking about their career aspirations and creating ‘I want to be….’ posters for display and thinking about skills we need for those jobs and how we can get them. We have some very ambitious students here! As we enter the first week of Lent, our #LiveLent campaign focus was on light and energy. Some of the challenges for pupils this week have involved making sure lights and plugs are switched off, and trying to make an extra journey on foot this week rather than use a car. If you would like to join the challenge with us, you can by clicking here. We also focused on reading as it was World Book Day on Thursday, and pupils took part in some literary based activities in Inspire Time. As we think about reading and careers, let us reflect on this quote from Malala Yousafazi: “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” The next workshop in our Journey of Hope series is Revision Techniques and takes place on Tuesday 10th March at 6.00pm in the main hall.  Click here to reserve your place. And finally, Newton and Earlestown Community Group (N.E.C.G) have organised a spring clean-up session in Mesnes Park on Saturday 7th March from 10.00am until noon.  It would be lovely to see our students and their families supporting this community event. Regards, Mrs Adams   Important diary dates Monday 9th – 13th March Year 11 Mock Examinations Tuesday 10th March Journey of Hope – Revision Techniques 6.00-7.00pm Monday 16th March Year 12 Mock Examinations   Dance Showcase 6.00pm Tuesday 17th March Year 10 HA Trip to Carmel College/Liverpool University Friday 20th – 22nd March Year 7/8 Netball Tour Tuesday 24th March Year 11 Drama Practical Examination 10.00-1.00pm Wednesday 25th March Year 10 Parents Evening 3.00-6.00pm Wednesday 1st – 3rd April Year 10 Rock and River Trip Wednesday 1st April Year 11 Preparing to Perform Event 2 6.00pm Thursday 2nd April Friends of Hope Academy Easter Bingo 6.00pm    

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