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Posted on: 04/12/2019

Nugent Light Up A Life Service

On Wednesday 4th December, 11 students attended the Nugent Charity ‘Light Up A Life Service’ at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Representatives from the Bereavement group and 9E (Mr. Brooker’s form) attended and took part. The highlight of the service was placing stars on the Christmas Tree at the Cathedral with the names of our loved ones who have passed away on, to stay there and be remembered throughout the Christmas season.

This is was two of the students who attended thought about the service:

“Today we went to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral to remember those who have died this year. It was called ‘Light Up  A Life’. There were hymns and prayers, and different schools and adults got up to reflect, remember and read.

Beri and Maddy got up and read a reflection called ‘A Butterfly Lights Beside Us’. We represented our form for Mr. Brooker with three other members of our form. We really enjoyed it!

Thank you for the opportunity.”

By Beri and Maddy

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