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Posted on: 15/01/2021

Principal's Blog - Week 16

As we end the second week of this very different term, I would like to thank parent and carers for their daily messages of support and thanks to members of academy staff - we truly appreciate every single one of them. They strengthen our determination to make sure that we are ‘Outstanding in all we do.’

It is now essential that students, with your support, access all of their lessons daily and continue to work hard.

Remote Learning

Students have continued their amazing engagement with remote learning once again this week! Staff have been celebrating student work via @Hope_Academy throughout the week.

As parents and carers we cannot thank you enough for your support in ensuring students are set-up at home. Feedback from both students and parents has been very positive and on behalf of the Hope team, a massive thank you!

As you can see from the information below, student engagement continues to be outstanding. Students who are struggling to engage are being supported by academy staff to resolve any problems or barriers they are experiencing.  Parents should contact their child’s pastoral team if they are require any support.

Year Group





Year 7





Year 8





Year 9





Year 10





Year 11





Whole School





Students will continue to participate in their daily collective worship and Inspire sessions which includes completing a daily well-being survey.

New Pastoral Team member

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr Foy who will be joining team Hope as a Pastoral Liaison Officer.  Mr Foy will mainly be visiting students and parents to offer help and support with remote learning and engagement. Parents will be advised beforehand of any proposed visits.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Mr Foy to our Hope community.

Message from Mr Foy

I’m really looking forward to starting my new role at Hope Academy.  I have worked with children since 2011 in residential homes, alternative education facilities and for the last 8 years in secondary schools.  My last job as an Inclusion Base Manager sparked my passion for working with students and their families, helping to reintegrate and engage them back into education.

I have 3 amazing children and 2 dogs that keep me busy. I coach my son’s football team and in my spare time I’m a keen golfer.

I strongly believe that every child has a special skill and ability to succeed. My goal is to ensure that I find that skill and create a positive attitude to education and future success in life.

Year 11 Parent Consultation Event

We hosted our first web-based Parent Consultation event on Wednesday for year 11. To support parents during the meeting their son/daughter’s reports with assessment marks from the recent mocks were uploaded to the Sims parent app on Wednesday morning. Parent feedback has been extremely positive with just a few ‘technical issues’ and loss of internet connection reported.

I would also like to congratulate the 48 year 11 students who sat their Sports Studies examination on Monday morning. Consenting student had a Lateral Flow COVID-19 test on Friday with all results returning negative. We look forward to receiving the examination results in March.

Year 7 Parent Consultation Event – Wednesday 20th January

Year 7 parents will receive letters via e-mail today containing login and password information and guidance on how to make appointments with individual teachers. If you experience any problems please e-mail  We look forward to meeting parent and carers of our Class of 2025!

Free School Meals

As you may be aware, the government confirmed that they would be re-introducing the EdenRed voucher scheme to all schools from Monday 18th January 2021.  The ordering platform will only be made available to schools on Monday morning. I am sure that I don’t need to remind you that this was a rather slow process when first introduced in April 2020. I am therefore asking for your patience whilst the academy make their way through the ordering process.

We’ll keep you fully updated via parent text and ask that you do not ring the academy unless you are experiencing hardship whilst awaiting delivery of your vouchers. Enquiries should be directed to

Lateral Flow Testing

As you are aware, students and teachers at the academy have had access to lateral tests from Monday 11th January. Staff will be tested weekly (with results taking 30 minutes) and students whose parents have consented, will also be tested weekly.

Miss Lamb and Mrs Vernazza, supported by a small number of external supply staff have tested a total of 121 students and 86 member of staff this week with all results returning negative.  I must thank both Miss Lamb and Mrs Vernazza for setting up our mass testing facility at Hope Academy.  We are currently awaiting delivery of extra instructional floor and pop-up signage, but I am sure you will agree we have an extremely efficient mass testing area.

Future Events

Even though students are accessing their lessons remotely, we continue to organise extra-curricular opportunities for them.  On 10th February all students in years 10, 11 and 13 will take part in an employability workshop which will be run by Mr Wignall and Miss Davies alongside IGD.

***Employability Workshop***

A date for your diaries! ON Wednesday 10th February All year 10 and 11 students will be participating in a live Employability Workshop with Feeding Britain's Future group. (This is in place of your usual timetabled lesson and it is vitally important that you attend) 

This company supports delivery of industry-wide programmes to help young people improve their employability skills. Needed even more so now we are in a global pandemic and can't get actual real life work experience!

Get the date in your diary! The session will start at 13.30pm & details on how to join will be sent out in the coming weeks! Watch this space!!!  Miss Davies 

We also have a large number of Virtual Work Experience Opportunities for years 10, 11 & 13. Miss Davies will be launching these opportunities at the start/end of the IGD session on the 10th Feb! Click HERE for further information.

The Library Blog

Dr Ashcroft, our Librarian will be launching a weekly Library blog next week.  Keep your eyes open for the blog with different sections like notices, what’s on this week, word of the week, request a book….  

Kasia’s Reflection

This week we have been looking at British Values, and the idea of resilience has been key. It is something we have all shown brilliant in so many ways! Our resilience reminded me of the story of a butterfly’s journey:

The butterfly starts as a small helpless caterpillar, then when it has eaten and grown enough it becomes a chrysalis. Here it changes and grows, but before it can emerge from its cocoon, it must go through quite a difficult experience. Each part of the butterfly’s body is squeezed as it squirms and pushes with ever so slight results. After a long time, the exhausted insect breaks out and soars into life as a completely transformed new creation!

Just as the transformation of a butterfly is far from easy, sometimes the changes we face in life are difficult too and there seems to be no end in sight. But, like the butterfly, we can emerge from our struggle and exertions if we hang on in there and trust God. If we see him as our hope for the future. The struggles we face as we work through this new lockdown will transform us into something stronger.

Let us pray:


Thank you for the challenges in life that help to build strength.

Thank you for the times when lack of resources reminds us of the value of resourcefulness.

Thank you for the moments of courage that you give us so that we can live a life of meaning.

Help us to emerge from this pandemic like the butterfly, with the full wings of faith and be a source of vivid, yet delicate beauty, displaying God’s glory and love.