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Posted on: 19/11/2021

Principal's Blog - Week 10

Educate Awards 2021

I am sure you will all join me in wishing our amazing PE team GOOD LUCK at this evenings Educate Awards 2021.  Hope Academy have once again been nominated in the Outstanding Commitment to Sport & Physical Activity in a Secondary School category.

Remembrance Day

Thank you to all pupils and staff involved in the Remembrance Parade on Sunday at Earlestown Town Hall, then at St. John’s Church for the service. 10 students attended the event with Miss Green and Kasia, along with countless others from Hope Academy who were representing their cadets and clubs. It was a busy and wonderful procession, with a moving 2-minute silence and wreath laying ceremony.

Thank you for representing us all and remembering all those who gave their lives.

Covid update

We recently shared information with you on behalf of St Helens Immunisation Team regarding the 12-15 COVID vaccination programme.  The Immunisation team have been based at the Academy today vaccinating students whose parents completed the electronic consent.

We have been advised by St Helens Public Health that there is a new variant and it seems to be spreading quicker through 10-14 year olds. To keep our community safe, please test your child twice weekly, preferably on a Sunday and a Wednesday. Students should also be wearing a mask in communal areas whilst in the Academy, can you please ensure your child is bringing a mask to school with them.

Anti-bullying Week

This week has been National Anti-bullying week.  The focus has been on the impact of ‘one kind word’.  During Inspire students have been working on what it means to be kind and how one kind word or one act of kindness can cause a ripple effect.  Students have been exploring the effects of bullying and how it can make others feel.  They have also looked at how they can respond and help people who are being bullied.  Mrs Harkness-Brennan has led Year Group Collective Worship to all year groups this week and has asked students to reflect on 5 kindness questions to encourage students to think about how kind they are to themselves and others as well as ways in which they can help others. Advice has been given to students about what they can do if they want to report anything and have been encouraged to use the SHARP system which can be found on the school website.  We raised awareness of anti-bullying and celebrating uniqueness by wearing odd socks on Monday. Staff and students arrived at school wearing a vast array of colours and designs.

On-line Safety - Online safety guidance for parents (TikTok)

It has come to our attention that there is a National TikTok challenge which encourages children to set up Tik Tok accounts using their school’s name.  These accounts have been used to distribute videos of school staff.  Some video’s use homophobic slurs and accuse staff of paedophilia.  Students have been spoken to this week to highlight the impact of such accounts and videos on school staff and the school reputation.  Schools have taken advice from the Police and on-line safety websites. Click HERE to access handy tips for parents to ensure that their child’s Tik Tok is being used appropriately.  We urge ALL parents to check the content of their child’s social media account to ensure that they meet the appropriate guidelines and are keeping themselves safe.

Standards and Expectations

It is a requirement that all students arrive at school every day with a rucksack. This is to ensure that students are ready to learn.  Rucksacks should contain vital equipment that are needed for learning such as pens, pencils, rulers, and calculators as well as subject exercise books.  We will be carrying out a check on bags and equipment over the next week. Parents may be contacted if their child does not have a ruck sack or the correct equipment for school.  Click HERE to read our standards and expectations information which was shared with all parents before the start of the new academic year.  This information is also available on our website.

As the weather is getting colder students should be encouraged to bring a coat to school.  Outdoor coats are removed on entering school and are not to be worn inside the Academy.  Hoodies are not permitted; students will be asked to remove these and the item may be confiscated.  This also applies on PE days.  Students should only wear their branded Hope Academy PE kit, this includes the outdoor top.  If students do not have a branded outdoor Hope Academy PE top, they are permitted to wear their blazer until stocks have been replenished.

Year 7 Parents Evening

Our Class of 2026 parents had the opportunity to speak with their child’s subject teachers on Wednesday 17th November during their consultation event via SchoolCloud. Please contact the Year 7 pastoral team if you have any questions. and

It would be really helpful if parent/carers could spare a few minutes to complete feedback. Your feedback enables us to review and continuously look at improvements that can be made to make sure that parent/carers consultation evenings are beneficial for all concerned.  Click HERE to submit your feedback.

Year 11 – Supporting your child with coaching conversations

As our Class of 2022 prepare for their mock examinations, the support they receive from home and school is vital. Coaching conversations aim to support students form positive habits which in turn helps them to achieve their full potential. This may be something that you wish to revisit regularly throughout the year.  Click HERE to access advice on coaching conversations with your children.

Year 11 Mock Examination Timetable – 29th November

Click HERE to access mock examination timetable and draft Summer GCSE timetable.

Enrichment update

Our clubs and societies continue to thrive this week – don’t forget to follow @Hope_Enrich to see their progress! Our Y7 Book and Biscuit Club’s ‘Biscuits of the Week’ were Custard Creams – excellent fuel for creative drawings of their novel’s main characters! Our ‘Outdoor Education’ club continues to navigate through survival skills and orienteering, whilst our Afternoon Tea group have started planning the theme for their ‘Hope-versary’ challenge!

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