At Hope Academy we believe there are five core learning attributes that are essential for ensuring our students become powerful learners: Leadership; Organisation; Resilience; Initiative; Communication. We refer to these as ‘LORIC’ attributes. By developing these learning qualities in our students, we believe they will be better prepared for the next steps in their lives.

Following a significant amount of time where it was necessary for students to engage in remote learning, our current focus is on how well students are settling back into, and coping with, full-time, classroom-based learning.

Therefore, this Interim Assessment Overview will provide students with their learning profile grade and their LORIC focus attribute for each subject. As the year progresses we will begin to provide assessment data alongside learning profiles to give an indication of academic progress.

For each subject, teachers have assessed student engagement against each learning profile and have awarded a best fit using the 1 to 5 scale along with the general LORIC learning profile statements.

The letter following the number represents the LORIC attribute that is currently a barrier to the student attaining the next learning profile grade.

In addition, a subject specific LORIC statement has been provided. This includes one or more targets the student should aim to achieve in order to develop the LORIC attribute.

If a student has been awarded a 5 on the learning profile scale, the LORIC attribute and subject specific statement will be for the attribute they need to work on the most.


LORIC PowerPoint

LORIC Learning Profile


DIRT Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time
KO Knowledge Organiser
CRIB sheet Assessment CRIB sheet
PLC Personalised Learning Checklist
RAS Raising Achievement Sessions (Year 11 only)

Please click on the links below to view specific subject LORIC statements.

English and Media Maths


Child Development

Health and Social Care

Religious Education
MFL Humanities

KS3 Creative Arts

KS4 Art and Photography

KS4 Music



Travel and Tourism


Physical Education



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