Registering Student Lateral Test Flow results

Once students have had 3 on-site Lateral Flow tests, they will be required to undertake testing at home with parental supervision.  Kits containing 3 individual tests (2 kits per student) will be distributed in school for students to take home

Testing should be completed either each Sunday and Wednesday evening OR Monday and Thursday morning before school.

You will be required to register all home test results as follows or call 119. 

The Academy also need you to register your child's test result so that we have a record for each student. Please complete the following form for each completed test.  

Click HERE to access registration form

If you child has a positive result you must e-mail immediately.

You may wish to prepare for the home testing by reading the following document. Full instructions are included in each Lateral Flow test kit.

NHS - How to do a Rapid COVID-19 Test


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