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GCSE Exam Success 2023

‘Great results to celebrate as students are rewarded for their hard work over the last two years.’

Students from Hope Academy have been celebrating another great set of GCSE results this year. The whole Hope community would like to congratulate the class of 2023 for their achievements. Despite the significant disruption to their secondary experience, this cohort of students have performed incredibly well and are a great example of what can be achieved through hard work, grit, and determination.

The results are testimony to the hard work of Hope Academy students and staff – and underline the Academy’s determination to challenge, support and nurture every student to become the best version of themselves. Many will now progress onto college courses, apprenticeships or their chosen career. 

There are so many students we could single out for praise, but we would like to highlight the following who exemplify the effort and achievement of the entire year group:

Olivia Alderson gained two grade 9’s, three grade 8’s, three grade 7’s and one grade 6 and will be attending Winstanley College.

Isabel Matlock gained eight grade 9’s and one grade 8 and will be attending Winstanley College.

Bethany Demenis gained six grade 9’s and three grade 8’s and will be attending Winstanley College.

Grace Spelman gained three grade 9’s, five grade 8’s and one grade 7 and will be attending Liverpool Maths School.

Alfie Sudworth gained one grade 9, four grade 8’s and four grade 7’s and will be attending Winstanley College.

Zachariah Bhatti gained two grade 9’s, five grade 8’s and two grade 7’s and will be attending Winstanley College.

Jamie Mossop gained one grade 9, three grade 8’s, four grade 7’s and one grade 6 and will be attending Winstanley College.

Isaac Timmins gained one grade 9, three grade 8’s, three grade 7’s, one grade 6 and one grade 5 and will be attending Winstanley College.

David Picton-Barlow gained two grade 8’s, four grade 7’s, one grade 6 and two grade 5’s and will be attending Winstanley College.

‘Ambition’ to succeed beyond expectation

The following students made outstanding progress in their GCSE examinations, achieving results above their targets. In some cases, this was by two or three grades. A fantastic set of achievements demonstrating the dedication and positive attitudes of Hope Academy students. Well done to all!

Erynn Faulkner will be attending Warrington Vale Royal College in September.

Gracie Keighan will be attending Warrington UTC.

Ioanna Ioannidou will be attending Priestley College.

Matthew Lacey will be attending Winstanley College.

Emily Unsworth will be attending Winstanley College.

Emma Bowden will be attending Priestley College.

Finnley Houghton will be attending Winstanley College.

We would also like to congratulate five of our students for being offered a place at a prestigious college as part of an Academy initiative programme. Congratulations to:

Emily Rich - Shrewsbury School

Grace Maddix – Marlborough College

Ava Knowles - Denstone College

Theo Stokes - Ackworth School

Connor Rose -Thomas Adams School

An amazing achievement by all!

Principal Marie Adams said: “Our students have worked so diligently over the last 2 years and have achieved results they should be incredibly proud of. However, more importantly, these results will allow the vast majority of our students to progress to their preferred next destination. Each one of the Class of 2023 ought to be fiercely proud of the hard work, dedication and resilience they have all shown over the course of the last two years, both to their own education and to each other. They all deserve the very best life chances in the future, and I am confident that these individual results will help them to take the first important step on their many different journeys with great confidence. We know all our students have wonderful plans for next year and we are both interested and excited to see what they go on to achieve. Their success has been down to their hard work combined with the passion of our staff. Well done team Hope!”

Mr Clark, Assistant Principal said: “Well done to the class of 2023. It was a great pleasure to work with this year group – they were a supportive cohort who responded really well to our advice and guidance, and who coped admirably with all that the past few years has thrown at them! I am extremely proud of the determination and resilience that our students have demonstrated this year. I know they leave us with many fond memories of their time at Hope Academy and a great foundation from which they will continue to grow in the years ahead.” 

To access further information on Hope Academy results please click on the link below:

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

School and college accountability measures

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