Communication - Class Charts

At Hope Academy, we want you to feel as much a part of their education as possible. With the increased use of smart phone technology we want to make best use of it.

Class Charts is our student/parent/school communication system. Class Charts provided an integrated school information platform which draws together a range of existing schools systems with an engaging user interface allowing you to communicate and access information in one place.

How do I access Class Charts?

You will have received an email/letter from school detailing your login details. If you have not received your letter please email 

Class Charts is simple to use and can be accessed via an Andriod or iOS app or any web browser.

Please use the parent code and create an account by downloading the app or going to the following website:

You can download the Class Charts app from Google Play or App Store

Class Charts has many features for parents including:

  • staff to share student’s achievement and behaviour in real-time throughout the school day.
  • track attendance
  • report absences and upload medical notes
  • receive announcements and school letters
  • Messaging system - allows school to send emails and in-app messages to your account, keeping you up to date on important whole-school messages as well as individual messages relating to your child
  • homework

How do students access Class Charts?

To access the app, each student has been allocated a unique student access code.

Class charts image

Click on the image below to access Class Charts Parent guide

Parent guide

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