At Hope, homework plays a vital part in students learning journey, by complementing and reinforcing students understanding of the curriculum, fostering good lifelong learning and study habits, and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning. Homework contributes to the development of our student’s self-responsibility, independent learning, and resilience.

Aims of Homework

• To provide students with additional opportunities to develop metacognitive skills, and in turn, consolidate and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

• To encourage students to develop the responsibility and self-discipline required for independent study.

• To support students’ in developing essential revision skills.

• To raise standards of progress and attainment across the Academy. 

Homework System at Hope

  • All homework will be logged through class charts.
  • All students will have a homework timetable that highlights which subjects they will complete homework for each day.
  • Knowledge organisers are used as a homework strategy in all subjects for KS3 and KS4. Students will be directed to complete a task around the knowledge organiser to support in remembering the key knowledge throughout the curriculum.
  • Students complete 20minutes of knowledge organiser homework each day for each of the two or three subjects on their homework timetable.
  • Students complete one piece of knowledge organiser homework per week for each subject.
  • Additional pieces may be set for core subjects at KS3 and all subjects at KS4.
  • Students are directed by their teacher to learn the knowledge organiser (or an element of the organiser), for the topic that they are studying that term. 
  • Knowledge organisers are uploaded to class charts for that term and students will also be provided with a copy for their subject exercise books.
  • Teachers will then plan to assess students understanding of the knowledge through retrieval practice and develop students understanding of this knowledge further during lesson time.

Subject Homework support timetable - 2023/24


  • 4/12/2023 Our fabulous choir bringing the Christmas spirit to 🎄🥰 pic.twitter.com/7xXQKspHww
  • 4/12/2023 £150 raised this evening for Teenage Cancer Trust 👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you to everyone who donated and came to support this evening. WOW! 🎄
  • 4/12/2023 Day 4's BAD JOKE FOR ADVENT!Q: Why are Christmas trees so bad at sewing? 🪡🎄A: They always keep dropping their needles! 🤣
  • 4/12/2023 Such talented students 🎵 pic.twitter.com/wKXA5arqyG
  • 4/12/2023 Amazing performances for our Christmas concert this evening 🎄 pic.twitter.com/3HEK7LjHRT
  • 4/12/2023 Today’s shout out is for Year 9. This week they worked in pairs to find out more about the different ways animals are used in food, entertainment etc and decided how they felt about each case study. Some group paired reading and very sensible conversations. pic.twitter.com/l7D2nxWn73
  • 4/12/2023 Day 3 answers to the Careers at Christmas Challenge 🎅 pic.twitter.com/y8Br0nM1hw
  • 4/12/2023 Day 4 - Careers at Christmas Challenge - try out this languages challenge! pic.twitter.com/xkcWRCDVfC
  • 4/12/2023 This class was a lovely start to the week! They worked hard and made some really beautiful observations at the end of the session. Well done! 🙂✝️🎄🙏 Read more
  • 4/12/2023 Music Christmas Concert 2023 🎄Great turnout for our incredibly talented pupils 🙌 pic.twitter.com/KFZtchRkVr
  • 4/12/2023 One week to go!! 11th of December! We are raising money for this year. Everyone is welcome so come along and have a fab time! We are selling tickets for £1 but you can also sponsor online. Please see the link below to our Just Giving page:Read more
  • 4/12/2023 Huge shout out to the newly formed 28A3, they have worked really well this morning in the chapel during the Advent workshop. pic.twitter.com/V8MjFi86cJ