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Hope Academy stands at the centre of its local community and we are all determined to be an Academy of which everyone can be proud. We are committed to delivering high quality education to all our students, and giving them the best possible opportunities to flourish and be successful in their lives. Read More

Academy Attainment

  • 15/12/2018 These classics keep rolling in (see what I did there?! I’m so punny 😂) Read more
  • 15/12/2018 Christmas to do list: Be present, wrap someone in a hug, send peace, donate food, be the light ✨ Read more
  • 15/12/2018 (I totally knew what flossing was... or I did after my Y7s demonstrated it!) When do sheep practice their new dance? While shepherds watched them floss by night!
  • 15/12/2018 Christmas Fundraising Fair 🎄💜 Read more