Getting To School

Bus Timetables

To view bus timetables for Hope Academy (September 2018) click on the links below:​


St Helens Bus Services

Winwick No 49 Service

Wigan Service 988

Warrington Service 292



Fares Increase

Please see letter below from Transport for Greater Manchester regarding an increase in fares from September 2018.

Fares Increase from September 2018

  • 14/10/2018 This looks like fun! What do you think ? Read more
  • 14/10/2018 More importantly, 932 years ago, was granted a royal charter to become a borough and hold a market. With the first mention in the 1086 Domesday Books! We have proper history around here!
  • 14/10/2018 952 years ago today William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings. Y7 Historians have been learning about this recently Mr Rodgers’ class prepare for your 16 Mark Essay tomorrow. ‘Was Williams luck the main reason he won the Battle of Hastings’.
  • 14/10/2018 Students across all years spoke confidently last week about their areas of strength and areas of focus in RE. Prospective parents and students were super impressed during their tours 👍👍👍 Read more