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Letters Home Date  
Student Standards Letter 21st Dec 2016 Download
Assessment without Levels Letter to Parents.pdf 05th Dec 2016 Download
Italy 2018 - Geography Study Tour (Payment Instalments Letter) 27th Jan 2017 Download
Iceland 2018 - Geography Study Tour (Payment Instalments Letter) 27th Jan 2017 Download
Ski trip 2019.pdf 20th Apr 2018 Download
Internet Safety 28th Apr 2017 Download
Y12 Re-Enrolment 17th Jul 2017 Download
Y10 Future Focus PPT 17th Jul 2017 Download
Hope Academy 979 and 988.pdf 21st Jul 2017 Download
End of year letter.pdf 21st Jul 2017 Download
SSAT What the new GCSEs mean a guide for parents and carers.pdf 22nd Aug 2017 Download
FINAL Year 7 Welcome Service Letter to Parents.pdf 05th Sep 2017 Download
CATs Letter.pdf 12th Sep 2017 Download
Invitation Letter to Parents.docx 28th Sep 2017 Download
Gate Closure 5 October 2017.pdf 05th Oct 2017 Download
CIDA Qualification letter to parents - October 2017 30th Oct 2017 Download
Measles and MMR Letter.pdf 01st Dec 2017 Download
Year 7 Trip to Livepool University 25th Jan 2018 Download
Year 11 Preparing to Perform Evening - 7th February 2018 30th Jan 2018 Download
Letter to Parents re Careers Fair 2018.pdf 30th Jan 2018 Download
Mission Week 2018.pdf 12th Feb 2018 Download
Consequences at Hope Academy.pdf 14th Mar 2018 Download
Parent App Letter.pdf 14th Mar 2018 Download
Merseytravel - Changes to Bus Services effective 22.4.18 21st Mar 2018 Download
Bus Timetable for 722 and 725 Service effective 22.4.18 21st Mar 2018 Download
Letter to Parents and Carers re Information Evening 18.04.18.pdf 11th Apr 2018 Download
  • 21/04/2018 Looking forward to seeing students at next week’s Saturday study sessions. 9am until midday! 🎓🎓
  • 21/04/2018 Great opportunity for to study independently in a quiet and structured environment 👍 Saturday Study Session 9am until Midday every week. 🎓 Read more
  • 21/04/2018 Saturday session is off to a great start 👍 Read more
  • 21/04/2018 Brilliant idea!
  • 20/04/2018 It is exam season once again so here's some top tips for helping get , , and other assessment right! (via 's ) Read more Read more
  • 20/04/2018 New Revision Resource!! PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD - All things algebra 🤓🤟 🔷 Minimally Different Examples 🔷 90 Algebra Questions!!! 🔷 Funky Fonts 🔷 One enormous sexy grid! What more could you want for the final stretch up to the exams? 😂 Read more Read more
  • 20/04/2018 Massive thankyou to my curriculum mentor and for the past 10 weeks. You have been amazing and I have learned so much from you both!
  • 20/04/2018 Saturday Study Sessions will run every Saturday starting from tomorrow and continuing throughout the exam season. 🎓👍 Read more