Pastoral System

A place where everyone is known and belongs.

At Hope Academy, we invest strongly in the care, welfare and happiness of our community. Each year group has both a Head of Year and a Pastoral Manager who are available for both parents/carers and students, throughout the day, to support their pastoral needs. Heads of Year focus on the well-being, behaviour and attendance of our students and work closely with them in a supportive way. Within each year group, we have an excellent team of Inspire Tutor, which enables students to make good progress and further helps to foster a sense of family and support.

To ensure outstanding support and care is embedded across the Academy, we have introduced a House System, alongside our year groups structure, which further creates a sense of family and belonging. Each of our students are allocated to a House (Taizé, Iona, Corrymeela and Othona) which allows students across all year groups to work together and get to know each other in a supportive and collaborative way. 

Further information about out House system can be found HERE.

Inspire Groups 2021-2022 

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