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Posted on: 29/11/2019

Head of School Blog - Week 12

Students and staff at the academy have enjoyed another full programme of events this week.

The BBC Bitesize School Tour came to Hope Academy on Tuesday 26th November to talk to years 8, 9, 10 and 12!  The sessions focused on careers in the creative industries and featured a panel of 3 professionals from TV, Radio, Journalism, Gaming and Music.  The aim was to offer an inspiring insight into the world of creative work and shine a light on routes into and opportunities within a sector that many of the audience might not have considered.  We welcomed some amazing creatives for the panels who were very excited to share their stories and advice for breaking into creative industries.  Each session was hosted by presenter Kate Thistleton (from BBC Radio 1) and the opportunity for students to Q&A at the end.

This is what our students had to say after the Bitesize event;

“There are lots of crazy fun jobs around the world that I didn’t even know existed” Y9

“I learned about how famous hosts take their steps to becoming what they want to be” Y8

“I couldn’t believe the amount of jobs and opportunities that I didn’t know were even a real thing!” Y9

“I learned that even when you get a job, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with that job forever” Y9

“You could use your hobbies or skills to get a job you enjoy” Y8

On Tuesday, Kasia and six year 8 pupils who are working towards their silver Faith in Action Award, spent the day volunteering at All Saints Church.  They helped our local primary schools take part in the ‘Christmas Journey’ – a wonderful walk through the meaning of Christmas starting from Mary being visited by the Angel Gabriel to discovering the gifts brought by the wise men.


Our students accompanied groups on their story walk, assisting the storyteller in their work and helping the younger pupils find out more about the birth of Jesus. All those involved got a lot out of it! Our students’ then supported their groups create a Christmas craft. Kasia said that it was a lovely way to focus minds on the true meaning of Christmas.

The Year 11 Executive team met with senior members of staff on Thursday to give their feedback on a number of topics.  The main areas for discussion were:

  • Feedback from the recent Preparing to Perform Event
  • New wet lunch procedures
  • Executive team roles and Prefect Responsibilities
  • Year 11 study zones

From Monday we will have a number of designated year 11 study zones in various areas of the academy.  Study Zone One (Library) will be open for year 11 students from 7.30am until 8.30am every morning.  This area will also be available for independent study each evening from 3.20pm-5.00pm.  Next week during Inspire time, students will be informed of the other areas available to them at lunchtime. 

May I take this opportunity to remind you that the academy closes on Thursday 19th December and does not re-open until Monday 6th January 2020.  If you are planning to order new items of school uniform you will need to place the order and collect before 3.30pm on Thursday 19th December.

Whilst on the topic of uniform, we are very proud of how smart our students look; I would like to thank you for your support in ensuring students arrive in full academy uniform and ready to learn.  I have noticed recently that a number of skirts are much shorter than the requirement stated on our website - Skirts and pinafores should be no more than ONE INCH above the knee.  Please bare this in mind when purchasing replacement items.

Finally, I am pleased to confirm that our whole school Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day will take place on Friday 13th December.  If your child would like to wear a Christmas jumper on this day, please ensure they bring a £1 to school which will be donated to Save the Children.

Please see below important diary dates from now until the end of December.

Tuesday 3rd December

Christmas Music Concert at 6.00pm – solo and ensemble performances by our talented students

Peter Pan Theatre trip 5.30pm-10.00pm

Wednesday 4th December

Year 7 Parents’ Evening 2.45pm until 6.30pm

Monday 9th December

Christmas Markets 6.00pm until 8.30pm

Tuesday 10th December

Year 11 Mock Interviews

Friday 13th December

Christmas Lunch and Christmas jumper day

Thursday 19th December

Christmas services – St Peter’s Church

Academy closes – 3.20pm


Kindest regards,

Mrs Adams - Head of School