Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

Hello, my name is Anna Healey, and I am happy to welcome you to Hope Academy.  Not long ago, I remember being in Year five and six exploring the wide range of schools and the number of opportunities in which they have to offer you. When I first chose Hope Academy as my school, it was a roller coaster of emotions: the joy in meeting new people of my age and learning a wide range of new, interesting things, but the worry in joining such a large school with so many people, set in and overcame the excitement. However, in absolutely no time, my worries began to fade more and more each day as I began to learn that everyone respects one another, with fellow students and teachers only wanting you to only be at your best and to become the amazing student that you came here to be.

This school may look daunting in the beginning, due to the size, but trust me when I say we always ensure that everyone and anyone is always made welcome, especially when coming here to learn. In year seven, I was overcome with nerves and completely unsure with what I was doing, where I was going and who any of the two hundred other students my age was, but the community here at Hope, all the staff, older students, and those in my own year group, ensured that not only myself but everyone was comfortable here and settled, so we all had the ambition to learn and grow.

Looking back, over the four years, I can see how far my courage and confidence has grown, honestly, being stood here, talking to you and your families today, is a thing that I thought I would never be able to do. I can confidently say that this school has shaped me to be the person I am today, someone who to eleven-year-old me would see as unrecognisable.

Hello, my name is Ryan Pawley and I am head boy at Hope Academy. I feel proud and privileged to stand before you as a representative of the students here at Hope Academy. Especially because I can remember being a primary school pupil who saw Hope Academy as a huge building. I wondered how I’d ever find my way around. I sat and listened to the head boy and girl speeches, never believing that I would ever have the confidence to do such a thing, yet here I am, very proud to be head boy.

Here at Hope, there are several departments, and the broad range of topics in which they offer means a broad and balanced curriculum for all students across KS3, leading to a high standard of learning and understanding at KS4, in preparation for GCSE. Continuing from this, the large range of extra-curricular enriching clubs being presented here at Hope, are perfect and so each student can enjoy their place here with us. For example, the drama club, the computing club or the chapel chat ran by our very own chaplain, Kasia, and the variety of thrilling sports clubs that the PE department has to offer. With that being the case, this school is considerate and inclusive to everyone, with the large span of opportunities being provided to students, can ensure that everyone can learn and grow to become the person that they want to be with so much help and support being provided.

As Anna has mentioned, as long as you decide to embrace the opportunities and chances that Hope Academy has to offer you, then you’ll succeed and progress. From the very first day you start here, you will become part of the Hope Family. You will make new friends and will grow in confidence every day. The teachers here are approachable and supportive. They will not only provide you with a broad and balanced education and help you to then progress in their specialist subjects, They will also support you along your journey with the academies top of the range facilities. You’ll be encouraged to achieve and be the best version of yourself you can be in this new chapter of your young lives.

We’ve both shared our experiences of life here at Hope from our first nervous days to where we are now: representatives of the student body. Throughout our time here, we’ve seen how our core values of respect, courage and ambition are threaded throughout all that we do and we are certain that you’ll experience this too. 


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