Enrichment Clubs & Societies

At Hope Academy we offer our students as many enrichment opportunities as possible in order to broaden their capital culture, academic skills and social skills.

We offer an extensive variety of Enrichment Clubs and Societies and even work with local business and clubs in the community.

Recent statistics from the Education Policy Institute found that students who participate in enrichment activities have greater self-esteem, resilience and a chance to meet and make new friends. Enrichment activities have also been shown to boost grades.

Enrichment activities provide a rich vein of positive experiences which may be particularly significant for children struggling to succeed in the classroom.  Once a child has experienced achievement in one area, there is a tendency for it to then spread into other areas of school life.  Enrichment activities may provide a valuable catalyst for our students to create a sense of identity and belonging to Hope Academy, offering them a meaningful experience that allows our students to excel, thrive and succeed academically but also socially.

We are offering our students a vast amount of enrichment clubs and societies.  Please see the Enrichment clubs & Societies timetable.



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