What's on in the Chapel


 Meditation Mondays – Mediation every Monday morning to start the week in a calm frame of mind. Pupils will take part in guided meditation and develop skills to relieve stress.

Chapel Chat – a chance to talk and ask questions about anything to do with the Christian Faith. Pupils will be encouraged to be inquisitive about Faith and discuss topics that interest them.

Faith in Action Award – Weekly meetings for those taking part in the Faith in Action Award to keep on track with the volunteer work and projects. Pupils will develop their active Faith life.

Environment Club – It is important we care for the planet that God created for us, so we will be looking at what we can do around school and the surrounding area to look after the environment. We will be involved in Environment projects and campaigns.

Justice and Peace Club – A chance to actively work with the Liverpool J&P commission to bring about Justice and Peace to different sections of the world. We will focus on the theme of Inequality and what we can do to create a just society.

Charity Club – A weekly meeting with the Charity Ambassadors to keep on track with the fundraising for our different charity partners.


Email: kasia.boydell@sthelens.org.uk

Phone: 01744 617930

Twitter: @HopeChaplain


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